Simple crossposting for your blog posts

Do you spend hours copy & pasting your blog posts to all the different blogging websites?
Never again.

1. Create post

Write from scrach or import your favorite blog post

2. Select the platforms

Post to multiple ones, such as Medium and

3. Publish

You can both publish to draft or directly, it's up to you

Want to take blogging to the next level?

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Plan includes:

Crosspost with ease

With just a click of a button we will publish to multiple major blogging platforms such as Medium, and soon Hashnode

High quality editor

Writing in .md format can be hard, that is why our main objective is to make it a breeze. Don't let the editor slow you down when writing a post.

File upload

Already got a blogpost written in a .md format? Just upload it and you are ready to go.


Be able to see which posts you have already crossposted with Krossa.

Automatic saving

Each time you edit a blogpost we will automatically save it, so you never lose your work.

Image upload

Have images you want in your blogposts but no links? We help you by enabling you to upload an image and get the url back.


With the help of markdown you can make your post exactly like you want it.

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